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EMC Issues and How to Address it

Designers, manufacturers, importers, and installers of electronic systems must demonstrate that their products do not generate or suffer from electromagnetic interference (EMC). And this is not easy! Really, it is difficult! Delays, unexpected costs, nerves and stress, or loss...

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ESD Robust Electronic Systems Design

System Efficient ESD Design (SEED) address the protection of I/O against ESD using simulation. This allows to predict the robustness against damaging ESD and allows to reduce the likelihood of disturbances caused by ESD (soft-failure). Reduced design margin due...

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CNF-MIM Technology, Enabling the Worlds Thinnest Capacitor

Full paper pdf download This paper will present a novel technology (CNF-MIM) combining Carbon Nanofiber (CNF) materials and MIM (metal-insulator-metal)-like technology, enabling capacitors with total thickness lower than 40 µm suitable for use in future miniaturized electronics. The paper...

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