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European Passive Component Market Hope for Autumn 2024

German magazine Markt & Technik published an interview by Engelbert Hopf with Tomas Zednicek Ph.D. about European passive electronic market outlook and expectations for 2024. In view of various challenges on a global and national level, Dr. Tomas Zednicek,...

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Top 2023 Articles on epci.eu

In 2023, EPCI European Passive Components Institute continued their commitment to support passive components industry and engineers by sharing knowledge, informative articles and insights into the latest industry trends and challenges. Hopefully, you’ve found our insights valuable. We appreciate...

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4th PCNS Awarded Papers in Passive Components

Attendees of the 4th PCNS Passive Components Networking Symposium that took place on 10-14th September 2023 in Sønderborg Denmark valued high technical level of the conference, inter-change of knowledge between semiconductors, passive components and whole supply chain. 4th PCNS...

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EMI Suppression Polypropylene Film Capacitors Explained

Power electronic designers are continually trying to decrease overall design size by increasing conversion efficiency. One way they do that is by using Wide Bandgap (WBG) semiconductor devices.  WBG devices can operate at higher switching frequencies and higher temperatures...

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