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CNF-MIM Technology, Enabling the Worlds Thinnest Capacitor

Full paper pdf download This paper will present a novel technology (CNF-MIM) combining Carbon Nanofiber (CNF) materials and MIM (metal-insulator-metal)-like technology, enabling capacitors with total thickness lower than 40 µm suitable for use in future miniaturized electronics. The paper...

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Energy Storage Capacitor Technology Comparison and Selection

Tantalum, MLCC, and super capacitor technologies are ideal for many energy storage applications because of their high capacitance capability. These capacitors have drastically different electrical and environmental responses that are sometimes not explicit on datasheets or requires additional knowledge...

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Tantalum Polymer use in GaN based applications

Full paper pdf download GaN based RF devices offer significant advantages in a wide spectrum of applications ranging from commercial to high reliability / flight use equipment. This paper looks at the ability of Tantalum Polymer capacitors to be...

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